Meeting the fans in LA

Morning Training | July 22, 2014 

On the first day of UCLA trainings, the team spent the morning on ball work and fitness. Coentrão, still nursing a groin injury, worked one-on-one with the team’s fitness coach. [pics]

Tuesday’s afternoon session will begin at 5 pm local time (2 am CEST). The first 15 minutes are open to the media.

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I have come to Real Madrid to make history and win titles. It is a club that is used to winning and I am mentally and physically prepared to face this challenge. I dream about scoring a lot of goals. I also want to contribute with my passes and with goals because that is the best thing for the team. My aim is always to win. I don’t like losing and this is the ideal club in order to always be a winner.

James Rodriguez officially unveiled at Real Madrid

Anonymous asked:
hi, would it be possible for you to post just the bottom picture from your Real Madrid celebration set (/post/83116948367) of Xabi and Isco? please :)

i probably got it from zimbio, or yahoo images or real madrid facebook page…

It’s taken me a while to get used to the city and the team. Now I’m enjoying my football and especially the weather.”


When Madrid come for you, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a massive, massive club, the biggest and the best in the world. It’s always been my dream. It’s just great to be there now.